What we do

WIIS emphasizes three main areas in its ministry: accurate understanding, informed engagement, and culturally-sensitive sharing of the Gospel with the adherents of new religious movements. In fulfillment of these emphases, we focus on the following areas of activity:


  • Education and Training – WIIS educates Christians about new religions and equips them for culturally sensitive evangelism through presentations at churches, mission conferences, colleges and seminaries, and through seminars, lectures, classes, and the production of training resources.


  • Multimedia Resource Production – WIIS produces high-quality multimedia educational resources that address topics such as Mormonism, Islam, and Paganism in North America and the West. Visit our Seminars page for more information.


  • Scholarly Research – WIIS engages in academic research on cutting-edge issues in Mormon Studies, New Spirituality, Paganism, inter-religious communication, and a theology of religions. Sacred Tribes Journal is an electronic journal devoted to an academic exploration of new religions, and it is one of the vehicles used to communicate these insights. We also have an electronic publishing arm called Sacred Tribes Press, that publishes electronic titles on religion and culture.


  • Networking – WIIS facilitates an international network of scholars and professional practitioners specializing in the field of new religions, world religions, and religious pluralism, and is a key partner in the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization’s issue group on postmodern and alternative spiritualities.


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