Transitions: The Mormon Migration from Religion to Relationship

Statistics indicate that perhaps thousands of Latter-day Saints leave the Mormon Church each year. Many of these go on to embrace traditional Christianity. When they do they undergo experiences and challenges much like an immigrant moving from one country to another. Their transition produces emotional stresses, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, as well as doctrinal and worldview reorientation issues.

Transitions resource


In response to this need, Transitions: The Mormon Migration from Religion to Relationship, was created. This multimedia resource includes six hi-def video sessions on DVD, along with a participant workbook.


Topics Covered


Section I: Migration – Identity, Relationships & Church Culture


1. Identity – Finding new individual and collective identity


2. Relationships – Friends, loved ones, marriage, and children issues

3. Church Culture – Sorting out new church culture

Section II. Doctrine and Worldview Issues

This section presents traditional Christian doctrine and worldview framed in understandable ways for the transitioner, with an emphasis upon the individual playing a part in the Grand Narrative, God’s story of mission to the whole of the cosmos.

4. “Where did I come from?” - God’s Grand Story

5. “Why am I here?” - The mission of the community of God

6. “Where am I going?” - Life in the new heavens and new earth


Transitions can be used in a variety of settings, from an individual, group of friends or family meeting in a home, to small group meetings in local churches. Each segment includes a video chapter as well as a brief study guide which will assist participants in working through the various issues involved. The guide includes questions for reflection, as well as Bible verses as a means of fully exploring important areas. A longer alternative version of the workbook is also available in digital format where former Mormons share their stories as they address the subject of each chapter.

You can preview Transitions by watching the trailer, and chapter one of the series in its entirety above in the left hand column.


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