The Western Institute for Intercultural Studies is pleased to provide resources that help Christians effectively share the gospel and move beyod the communication impasse where we often talk past those we want to persuade. We offer a variety of presentations and training opportunities for churches, parachurch groups, and other organizations. See the summaries below, and then click the link to learn more about these and other educational and training opportunities.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also called the LDS or Mormon church, is one of the fastest growing religions in America. Some people call it a cult; others call it the restored Church. There is no lack of documentation on the differences between Mormonism and historic Christianity, but such material fails to address the human element and the needs and struggles of individual people. The Bridges training program takes an entirely different approach.


Bridges: Helping Mormons Discover God's Grace has helped over 25,000 Christians, all over the country and around the world, gain a new appreciation for effective, relational evangelism to Mormons. It combines video interviews with extensive workbook material and classroom instruction.


This is a youth training resource is an exciting, fast-paced program explores ways Christian youth can have honest friendships with Latter-day Saints while maintaining the integrity of their own beliefs and effectively sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.


Grounded: Relating to Your Mormon Friends in Truth and Love  is a five-week curriculum invites young viewers to dig deeper into their faith and get grounded in Jesus Christ. The program includes a movie documentary on DVD filled with interviews with Christian and Latter-day Saint teens, a student workbook with daily faith-promoting activities, and an extensive leader’s guide full of additional resources on the history and theology of the Mormon Church and helpful tips on sharing the gospel.


Statistics indicate that perhaps thousands of Latter-day Saints leave the Mormon Church each year. Many of these go on to embrace traditional Christianity. When they do they undergo experiences and challenges much like an immigrant moving from one country to another. Their transition produces emotional stresses, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, as well as doctrinal and worldview reorientation issues.


Transitions: The Mormon Migration from Religion to Relationship is a multimedia resource includes six video sessions on DVD that includes a participant workbook.