Grounded: Relating to Your Mormon Friends in Truth and Love

This is a youth training resource is an exciting, fast-paced program explores ways Christian youth can have honest friendships with Latter-day Saints while maintaining the integrity of their own beliefs and effectively sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.

Grounded Youth Study


Grounded: Relating to Your Mormon Friends in Truth and Love is a five-week curriculum invites young viewers to dig deeper into their faith and get grounded in Jesus Christ. The program includes a movie documentary on DVD filled with interviews with Christian and Latter-day Saint teens, a student workbook with daily faith-promoting activities, and an extensive leader’s guide full of additional resources on the history and theology of the Mormon Church and helpful tips on sharing the gospel.


Topics Covered


1. Truth – Where do we find truth? How do we sort out different truth claims the world offers up? How do LDS truth claims differ from those of traditional Christianity?


2. Differences – Where and when did the LDS Church start? What are some key differences between the worldviews of Latter-day Saints and traditional Christian young people?


3. Friendship – How do friendships between traditional Christian teenagers and Latter-day Saints work? How can Christian teens stay grounded in their faith and open to the issues that deeply concern their LDS friends?


4. Answers – What are some of the answers to the difficult questions our LDS friends may raise? How can we avoid the trap of simply arguing Bible verses with our LDS friends?


5. Sharing – What are effective ways to share the gospel with our LDS friends? How can we use the language of LDS testimony to tell about the relationship with Jesus Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives?


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The Grounded Training Program (DVD, Leader's Guide, Student Workbook) costs $43 plus shipping. This price includes the DVD, the Leader's Guide, and a Student Workbook. Additional workbooks can be purchased separately for $10 each.


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