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Changing landscape


In the past an interfaith encounter in America involved a Presbyterian talking to a Congregationalist. Now, the religious landscape is dramatically different and includes Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, Pagans and more. This often involves our friends and family members. As followers of Jesus Christ, how are we to respond to our changing society?

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We educate and equip individuals, congregations, and Christian academics to communicate the Christian faith to adherents of new religious movements with understanding and sensitivity. WIIS partners with churches, Christian colleges and seminaries, and parachurch ministries.



We provide a variety of resources and training opportunities for churches, parachurch groups, and other organizations. This includes the programs Bridges, Grounded, and Transitions on Mormonism.

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Transitions helps those migrating out of Mormonism and into traditional Christianity. This DVD and workbook addresses the emotional, family, church culture, as well as doctrinal and world view challenges.


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